Joining KPCA helps fund community events and beautification to make Kenwood Park an even greater place to live. Your memberships fund our family Halloween and July 4 parties, community block parties, potluck dinners, the KPCA Newsletter and website, and neighborhood beautification activities.  Security membership gives you these benefits plus enrollment in the security patrol for our neighborhood.

KPCA contracts with Urban Alarm to patrol the neighborhood at various times of day and night, deterring crime. Subscribers to the Security Patrol obtain several additional benefits. They can list the security patrol's mobile phone number as a nighttime emergency contact. If called, the patrol can respond to an alarm much faster than police, who consider most house alarms a low priority. Subscribers can also call the security patrol and get a quick response. The patrol can call you if your garage door was left open. And a subscriber going on vacation can request the security patrol to do a walking check around the subscriber's house to make sure that all is secure and that newspapers are not left in view. KPCA urges all residents to support our security patrol.

You can join online below or by sending this FORM and a check payable to KPCA for one year of security patrol and association fees ($299) or resident only fees ($39) to our Treasurer.

If paying by credit card, use the PayPal form below. Please give your address and phone number if you are new to KPCA. Indicate on the PayPal form below if you want to be phoned about an open garage door even if it is after 11 PM.



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