On behalf of the Kenwood Park community, the KPCA board would like to thank all the members of our community who have joined the KPCA in the past. We urge others, including those who rent their homes, to begin their subscriptions this year.

Security patrol fees are modest in view of the benefits to our neighborhood. KPCA contracts with Urban Alarm to patrol within our boundaries at various times of day and night, thereby deterring crime. Urban Alarm can respond more quickly than the county police since the patrol car is within a few blocks of your home. Upon advance notification of a vacation, the security officer will check subscriber’s home, walking the property and even sending photos while you are away. Urban Alarm can keep alternate phone numbers to contact you or a neighbor if necessary. They will place newspapers and packages out of view. If you have an alarm system, the alarm company can call the patrol if the alarm goes off and there is no response at the residence. The patrol can check the house and call the county police. The secondary responder can be the county police. This will prevent false alarms to the county, which imposes a charge beginning with the 2nd false alarm.

Our current fees for a year of security patrol are $295 per household.
To contact Urban Alarm, call 202-265-2700, option 4.

If you need house checks while you are away please give them adequate notice of one business day, if possible. If you provide them with your email address, they will send you a nightly report with photos of your house during their checks.

To schedule a vacation watch, go to: www.urbanalarm.com/watch
                         Or email (this is slower): patrol@urbanalarm.com

For customer support or matters requiring rapid response you may contact the central station at 202.265.2700 (Option 0).

For data changes and other support issues you may also email support@urbanalarm.com